Funny ATC Exchange Between Vegas (Class B) Controller & Centurion Pilot

For me, this story goes down as one of the funniest exchanges between a pilot and controller that I’ve ever heard. I feel fine with saying that now because nobody got hurt. Here’s the story.

Whenever an aircraft flying VFR enters Class B airspace (busy airspace, where the big boys fly), they are required to get a clearance from ATC. It’s not enough to establish radio contact alone, but actually obtain a clearance…like you do for takeoffs and landings.

It’s a real requirement, and not something to take lightly. That is unless you fly the aircraft N731NR. On June 20, 2020 a pilot with this aircraft registration number decided to fly through the Las Vegas Class B airspace, and get offended when the controller had the nerve to inform him he needed a clearance. Here’s the exchange.

Imagine the gall of this controller to tell this he that he needed to obey the FAA airspace rules!

My favorite part is when he tells the controller he can’t copy because he’s FLYING THE PLANE. I wonder how he handles receiving holding instructions or copying complex IFR clearances. How inconvenient to have to jot something down!

Anyway, the memes started flowing on pilot Facebook groups after this happened.

Then to top it all off, the aircraft is registered under company named “Wife Approved LLC.” Pretty hilarious 🙂

I have no idea who the guys is, and I’m not sure anyone in the popular Facebook aviation groups know either. Either way, it’s pretty funny. I thought it was worth dedicating an article just for it! 😂

Good day, and happy flying!

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